Our Ethos

Little Avanti

“An immersive and holistic outdoor education for two to five-year-olds.”

Little Avanti was established to nurture children – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually – so they can enjoy the wonders of childhood, immersed in nature, and flourish as joyful and eager learners for life.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework; however, to ensure that learning can truly be unconstrained and child-led, we do not restrict ourselves to any specific pedagogy or curriculum.

Our offer is distinguished by:

Children delight in the freedom of the outdoors, so our nurseries are set in spectacular natural surroundings; forests, working farms and open fields. Splashing in puddles. Outdoor yoga. Building dens. Sowing seeds. In these essential everyday plays children maintain their childhood, as they grow physically and in understanding. They enjoy limitless inspirations for their imagination and apply their innate curiosity to learn by experimenting, while also developing resilience and a deep appreciation for their environment.

Storytelling is woven throughout our day. Stories which help them question, spark imagination, stir courage and compassion, and a spirit of gratitude. We have unhurried days for children to notice the stories quietly spoken from both within their own inner world, and the natural world around them. Stories lead children to role play and empathic conversations, and so to a better understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

More than anything, we believe children need to love and be loved. Our partnership with parents provides insight into each child’s uniqueness and is essential to our nurturing children who are happy, healthy and secure in every aspect. Parents are always welcome to participate as part of our open-door policy. Our teachers are carefully selected for their skills and knowledge of child development, but also for their great love for children.